Google is betting on Gemini AI to compete head-on with competing products such as Microsoft and Amazon

Google’s GeminiAI was first made public in June this year. It was reported earlier that Google claimed that “the AI system will combine the technology behind AlphaGo with a large language model.” The goal is to give the system new capabilities, such as planning or problem solving. Stronger than OpenAI’s GPT-4.

A few days ago, according to the media TheInformation, Google seems to be “unstoppable” and is currently “race against time” preparing to release this GeminiAI this fall to catch up with OpenAI’s GPT-4 and other competitors.

In the tide of AI, the media believes that Google is facing the risk of “falling behind”

According to media reports, Google’s GeminiAI combines GPT-4-like text generation capabilities and supports the feature of “creating images based on text descriptions”, so the AI tool can realize “chat dialogue”, “analyze chart data”, “create images”, “Even control the software with natural language commands” and other features.

It is reported that Google hopes that GeminiAI can provide support for consumer AI products such as Google’s Bard chat robot. Such key integration behaviors will help Google Cloud better compete head-on with competing products such as Microsoft Azure.

The media also stated that the timing of Google’s release of GeminiAI this fall is crucial, and Google is currently facing the danger of “falling behind” at the AI ​​level.