The Samsung Galaxy S24 series may completely abandon the curved screen

Samsung may abandon the curved screen design in the future Galaxy S24 series and switch to a straight screen design. The news aroused people’s attention and discussion. i Bing Universe raised a question on Weibo, asking users how they would feel if Samsung abandoned the curved screen design and adopted straight screens for all series of models. This question has sparked some discussions and opinions about curved screens.

Over the past few years, curved screen phones have become more common in the Android market, becoming a common choice for high-end models. Samsung’s Galaxy series has also used a curved screen design, such as the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014.

The curved screen uses a flexible AMOLED process to design the edge of the screen into a curved shape, bringing a smoother visual effect and a better feel. However, in recent years, with the advancement of technology and changes in market demand, the use of curved screens has gradually decreased.
In the post of Ice Universe, he revealed some data of Samsung Galaxy S24Ultra, such as height and width. According to his guess, if the screen width of the Galaxy S24Ultra increases by 0.9mm while the frame size remains the same, it may mean that the model has changed from a curved screen to a straight screen. But he also pointed out that the screen data may be inaccurate and needs to wait for confirmation from official sources.
Different users have different opinions on the rumor that Samsung will abandon the curved screen design. Some users may think that it is too good, and think that it is a wise decision to cancel the curved screen, because the curved screen may cause some inconveniences in use, such as accidental touches. Others may find it a pity, loving the unique look and feel of the curved screen.
In general, whether the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will abandon the curved screen design has not yet been officially confirmed. This rumor has aroused people’s attention and discussion. Everyone has different views and preferences on curved screen and straight screen design. We’ll need to wait for an official announcement to confirm Samsung’s future phone design direction.