What technologies does artificial intelligence include? Do you have any useful software tools to recommend?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence displayed by machines made by humans, which is different from natural intelligence.

(Natural Intelligence, NI) corresponds.

Research in this field focuses on intelligent agents that “can process information based on their environment.”
(intelligent agents) How to optimize

decision-making process.

1. What technologies does AI include?

Core technologies mainly include:

1. Machine learning: Focus on how to automatically improve algorithm performance in empirical learning. (The core of cores)

2. Computer Vision

: Analyze images algorithmically.

3. Natural language processing

: Recognize and understand human text language.

4. Voice recognition

: Let machines understand human speech.

In the early days of the birth and development of a new technology, even if we know it is awesome, we can only marvel at it and lack intuitive feelings.

If you are not a researcher, everyone’s focus will only be on technical applications.

As AI penetrates into the operation processes of various industries and people’s daily lives, technology and practice are increasingly integrated, and ordinary users are exposed to more and more high-quality products.

This year is definitely a big year for AI, with technological breakthroughs and hot topics emerging one after another.

A typical product, ChatGPT, created the miracle of “user growth of 100 million+ in two months”, and its impact is still fermenting today.

At present, there are many application scenarios for artificial intelligence, and the most popular one is the large chat model represented by it.

US version of Headlines ChatGPT takes up the post to write news

Report says ChatGPT turned into hackers writing malware

“Sharp weapon”

American students use ChatGPT to write essays and get the highest score in the class

Many journals and publishing institutions prohibit ChatGPT from being listed as a co-author of papers

Similar news has been trending again and again…

As more and more people understand and use AI technology, it is unlikely that such topics will become news again in the future.

2. AI technology: Will it take away jobs or create opportunities?

As technology matures and various products and applications emerge, predictions of “AI taking over human jobs” are also quite common.

Buffett expressed concern about the rise of artificial intelligence in May, comparing the rise of this technology to the invention of the atomic bomb.

Machines can complete our work quickly and well, and even make progress on their own, which is really scary if you think about it.

Media people are afraid that their manuscript writing jobs will be taken away. Programmers are worried that they will not be needed to type code in the future. Some of the analysis capabilities of analysts are about to be (or have even been) surpassed by AI. Writers all feel that the field of novel creation is likely to be overtaken by AI. Invasion…

When the AI wave sweeps across, various traditional industries may have technological anxiety.

In the face of the latest technology, some computer jobs have a bit of a traditional feel.

Many fat friends are worried about existing jobs being replaced, and they also look forward to the new innovation opportunities that artificial intelligence will bring to the industry.

The reality may not be so exaggerated, but the presence of technology is getting stronger and stronger, and the variables now and in the future are indeed huge.

For ordinary people living in it, embracing technology and adapting to changes is the best way to cope.

If we want to grasp the direction of technology and maximize its value to us, we must first understand the technology.

The advent of ChatGPT at the end of last year not only aroused the admiration of industry insiders, but also quickly spread into a national topic.

As the latest and most possible technology, AI large models

What impact will it have on society?

What valuable new knowledge should ordinary people know and learn?

Faced with rapid technological upgrading, do we still have opportunities to increase income and seize technological dividends?

If you want to improve your understanding and mastery of AI tools in a short period of time, taking high-quality courses is the most efficient way.

The “Programmer’s AI Large Model Advanced Journey” recommended in this article is taught by the most cutting-edge experts in the industry and academia. You can learn it for free at 0 yuan. Just click on the card above.

If you have free time recently, you can definitely learn it.

Not only is there no threshold to attend the class, but after attending the class, you can also receive a large AI model information package and the names and URLs of useful AI tools that do not require circumventing the firewall. They are easy to use in actual tests.

Understanding technology is the first step. The next step is to incorporate technology into practice and make it an assistant in our work, and even use it to complete some tasks that cannot be completed by ourselves.

Specific methods and key points can be learned by listening to classes.

New technologies will certainly create new opportunities, but not everyone can seize them.

By accidentally understanding and comprehending something, you may be able to prevent an opportunity from slipping away.

3. Make good use of AI and be lazy where you should be lazy.

Microsoft Zhang Qi proposed a concept: single entrepreneur

(One-Person Entrepreneur).

It refers to leveraging the extraordinary capabilities and unlimited potential of disruptive innovative technologies, combined with the “single person + AI is a team” model, to achieve vertical innovation and vertical growth.

To put it simply, by making good use of AI, our original productivity and work efficiency can be directly maximized (or even break through the ceiling).

Product Manager A uses AI natural language processing technology and graphics processing technology to easily generate PPT background images in batches;

Product Manager B, who knows no code and has zero development background, created a satisfactory “text-to-picture” tool within one week, cutting the original advertising cost in half;

algorithm engineer

C, use a large language model

and prompt engineering technology to build a conversational robot in 36 hours;

Software engineer D, assisted by AI tools in programming, developed an AI recommendation product;

Product Manager E, spending $20 to subscribe to the AI product, is equivalent to having an entire “team” (front-end development, back-end development, designers, growth team, etc.) to create a movie of his own;

The above are all examples of Microsoft employees. With AI, these talented people can really start their own business alone.

If you were an ordinary worker/student similar to me, it would be difficult to do such a roll without any need.

But by using AI well, first of all, you can do your work faster and better, and more importantly, you can save yourself worry and effort.

(Applicable to work scenarios in most industries)

Copilot and chatGPT are jokingly called the “two guardians of programmers”. With AI-assisted programming, the efficiency of running code is doubled. Some tedious tasks are directly thrown to it. Simple physical tasks that originally took several hours can be easily completed in half an hour.

For my usual work of writing tweets, chatGPT, new Bing, and Claude are all commonly used.

It’s not that I directly ask AI to help me complete the entire draft (its current creative level is really limited), but I can use it to speed up when considering the idea, framework, and title of the article.

The same goes for running my own account. AI can assist with thinking, generating some simple text, and even drawings when necessary.

A little personal tip is:

Let artificial intelligence provide ideas and possibilities from as many angles as possible, and then control the direction yourself.

For example, if I want to give a title to an article, I will ask AI to draft at least 50 titles from different angles.

You may not be satisfied with one or two, but you can always find reference points among the 50 answers, which also maximizes the effectiveness of AI.

Artificial intelligence technology is specifically as follows:

1. Big data

Big data, or huge amounts of data, refers to massive, high-growth, and diverse information assets that require a new processing model to have stronger decision-making power, insight, and process optimization capabilities.

2. Computer Vision

Computer vision, as the name suggests, is to allow computers to have the ability to observe and identify like human eyes. Furthermore, it refers to using cameras and computers instead of human eyes to identify, track and measure targets, and further perform graphics processing so that computers can process Become an image more suitable for human eye observation or transmitted to instrument detection.

3. Voice recognition

Speech recognition technology is a high-tech technology that allows machines to convert speech signals into corresponding texts or commands through the process of recognition and understanding. Speech recognition technology mainly includes three aspects: feature extraction technology, pattern matching criteria and model training technology.

4. Natural language processing

Natural language processing generally includes two parts: natural language understanding and natural language generation. Realizing natural language communication between humans and computers means that the computer can not only understand the meaning of natural language text, but also express a given intention with natural language text. , thoughts, etc., the former is called natural language understanding, and the latter is called natural language generation.

5. Machine learning

Machine learning is to give machines the ability to learn like humans. It specializes in studying how computers can simulate or implement human learning behavior to acquire new knowledge or skills, and reorganize existing knowledge structures to continuously improve their own performance. It is artificial intelligence The core of intelligence.

What technologies does artificial intelligence include? Do you have any useful software tools to recommend?