What types of labels can barcode printers print?

Now the bar code printers on the market are basically divided into two modes, thermal and thermal transfer mode, the printing of these two modes is still different, whether it is the effect of the printed label or the label printing required Label paper types are not the same.

The label paper used for thermal printer printing must have a thermal label paper thermal machine; I believe everyone has seen the labels printed on thermal paper. The receipts we usually give after shopping in the supermarket are thermally printed.

There are many types of labels used by thermal transfer printers, such as pets, self-adhesive labels, clothing tags, washed labels, dumb silver and many other label types, as well as heat-sensitive paper in thermal transfer mode. Labels can be printed.

The editor is here to sort out the barcode machines to be selected in different industries and different scenarios and the labels that match the barcode machines. You can look at them yourself if you need them.

  1. Outer packaging labels: such as common SF parcels, mail packaging, letter packaging, and express transportation, logo mail during transportation, and Amazon labels.
  2. Electronic labels: the internal labels of mobile phones we usually use, labels of various small electrical appliances, tablet notebook labels, mechanical labels, etc.
  3. Supermarkets: product price tags, product manuals, product packaging, barcode labels, shelf labels.
  4. System management: library book serial code label, security label, certificate label, fixed asset label, agricultural product label.
  5. Daily office: bill printing, document label, asset label, stationery label, computer label.
  6. Production and processing manufacturers: assembly line labels, product processing labels, storage labels, raw material warning labels.
  7. Chemical plants: hazard identification labels, material warning labels, paint bucket labels, paint bucket manuals, certificate labels, chemical solvent labels and chemical solvent signs.
  8. Others: anti-counterfeiting labels, encryption labels, anti-theft labels.
  9. Jewelry industry: gold and silver jewelry labels, jewelry tag labels, special-shaped labels, self-adhesive labels.
  10. Clothing manufacturers: washing labels, single hang tags, whole rolls of hang tags.
  11. Scenic spots: tickets for scenic spots, labels for recreational facilities.
  12. Railway station: We often use bus tickets and train tickets.
  13. Others: parking lot ticket, expressway toll ticket.